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  • Be Your Brand
  • Gain an understanding of what personal brand is and why it’s important. Learn how to tune up your personal impact and linking even stronger to your career and organisation

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  • Be Your Brand
  • Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway
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  • Be a Dynamic Speaker
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  • Collaborative Leadership

Be your Brand

  • Testimonials

    “Lisa was an exceptional coach and mentor whilst I reported to her at Gartner. She has an extremely positive attitude and has the ability to detect and built on the talent within individuals, which she certainly did with me to great effect. I would highly recommend her training to professionals looking enhance business processes, develop effective strategies and improve their interpersonal skills.” November 3, 2011

    Arun Kumar
    –High Tech and Telecom Provider

    I had the pleasure of hearing Lisa speak at the joint breakfast seminar by VIC ICT for Women and Australian Computer Society (ACS) and again at the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA). It is always a pleasure to hear Lisa speak. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in both personal branding and human behaviour and will no doubt shift behaviours and mindsets in personal branding. Lisa has the amazing ability to deliver her speeches in an authentic manner that is consistent with her own personal branding. Her warm and natural ability to connect with people has the audience engage, ask questions and eager to learn more. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone interested in attending her speeches or inviting Lisa to speak at an even

    Tiannii Tang
    Business Process
    –Analyst at Victoria University

    I have had the privilege and opportunity of working with Lisa for the last two years. I was extremely impressed by her storytelling session she presented at one of our workshops and I requested if she would coach me. Lisa has been coaching me since then and supporting me to achieve my career goals. Last year when I was going through a challenging time while covering two roles, it was her guidance that helped me successfully complete my IT Specialist Expert (level 2) Certification. She helped me set targeted career goals which resulted in me achieving them every time. She is very passionate about transferring knowledge and helping others grow. Lisa demonstrates clarity of thought, exceptional communication skills, thought leadership and confidence. I admire and seek inspiration from Lisa and consider myself to be very lucky to have a coach like her.

    Rayomand Sui
    IBM Collaboration Solutions Software
    –Technical Lead, IBM NZ

    We invested in the services to support my team to encourage each individual to explore how they interact with others, strengthen relationships to get winning outcomes. The results from the team was very positive and from a company perspective our results continue to go from strength to strength.

    Danny Bongiorno
    Executive Vice President
    – Matrium Technologies

    We used the strengths products, gaining an understanding of our strenghts and how we can apply them in our roles and gain stronger outcomes.

    – Amazing - Ms J Birchall

    Using the products within our company has been invaluable to our people and we will continue to use them.

    – Andrea Johnson - SB Solutions

    Lisa delivers every time, be it to clients, colleagues or the company. She is a very committed individual, loyal to her organisation and committed to understanding and delivering to the customer. Lisa has a very quick mind, able to assess a situation and adapt accordingly; I watched her win over clients, motivate and inspire her team (and colleagues), and become a truly great leader (in more than just position). She utilises all the resources at her disposal and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    – Sandra, Dimension Data

    Whilst we only worked together for a short time, I believe that your impact will resonate throughout my career.

    Never have I had a manager who was able to drive exceptional high performance collectively and individually through positive empowerment. I felt that from day 1 you believed in me, supported me and inspired me to not only achieve my goals, but to exceed them. Your belief and your positive approach made me feel competent, significant and that I could achieve. With your support, that was made possible.

    If I could describe your style it would be powerfully positive, supportive, dedicated and inspiring. All those whom you'll be working with are very lucky indeed.

    – Jamie Nelson

    Lisa is an excellent coach who has a great ability to bring out the best in people. With a focus on really understanding the individual strengths of the members of her team she is able to tailor her management style to inspire, motivate and develop. The one thing that really stood out to me was Lisa's willingness to give her time for support, coaching, mentoring and anything else required by those around her. Lisa leads by example and in doing so brings up all those around her.

    – Steve deWitt, Area Manager @ Gartner

    I learnt more under Lisa's leadership in 6 months than I have in my sales career to date. Her attention to detail, understanding of sales as a discipline and coaching style meant that I was motivated to push myself harder and overachieve my sales targets in my first few months at Gartner. I don't know anyone that works harder than Lisa, she is driven by success and its no coincidence it follows her wherever she goes.

    – Ashley Moore, SAP

    Lisa had now been my executive coach with for over 8 months and I've received enormous value from her regular Mentoring sessions. She believed in me, supported me and inspired me that resulted in taking my Career to the next level. I attended one of Lisa's keynote presentations on the importance of personal brand. I found her style engaging and truly inspiring.

    – Khaula Malik, EMC

    Lisa is an extremely professional operator who provided me with excellent support during her time as my manager at Gartner. Her attention to detail, ability to get the best out of differing personalities and foster a positive working environment were extremely commendable given the transitioning environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa as an excellent coach.

    – Simon King

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